Stad srl, is located in the area of the Italian Ceramic district, in one of the most industrialized Italian regions, Emilia Romagna. Was founded in 1998 by expert engineers with a long history of successful experiences in their background. Since then, the company steadily developed from the small size company to the actual size with 10 engineers and a brand new production unit.

What we do:
Our mission is the customer satisfaction. We excel in dynamic weighing system, that is picking up the exact weigh of products while transiting on a transporter. That’s our core business but since we aim to the customer satisfaction we have developed a range of auxiliary products to serve the client better. These products are big-bag loaders / unloaders, pneumatic transport systems, liquid dosing systems etc. Our aim is to be a partner and a resource for our client, to be able to provide the most cost effective system to fulfill our client’s mission.

Our products
We have a vast range of products; our best sellers are weighing belts for all bulk materials and loss-in-weigh dosing systems. We are capable of dosing from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons, while the applications range is huge: color makers, concrete, adhesives for the industry, foundries, glass makers, recycling plants, plastics, detergents, animal and human feeding….wherever there are bulk materials to dose, we are present.

How we work
Our experience in several industrial sectors allows us to fully understand the client’s needs. Our products have a great degree of personalization; unlike other producers which offer standard products, we are capable of delivering customized products or study personal solutions. Our structure is flexible and adaptable to the market’s needs while always researching new technologies to implement.

Our customers
We are proud to be partners of the majority of Italian Plant Makers. Through them, our products are present all over the world; towards the foreign markets we aim to increase our customers within the plant making companies which need a reliable partner for dynamic weighing systems.

via per Reggio, 30/P
Arceto di Scandiano
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