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“Blending, drying, granulating, agglomerating, coating” – SternMaid was established in 1996 and is one of Europe’s most modern contract manufacturers, producing 30,000 tons of powdered food ingredients annually. Seven blending lines are available for the different product categories, accommodating batches between 25 kg and 2,500 kg.

Moreover, SternMaid has invested over 5 million EUR in the installation of a new fluid-bed processing plant which will widen the company’s range of processes and services to include drying, granulating, agglomerating and coating. The plant consists of two fluid-bed dryers with different capacities: a small pilot-scale unit on which parameters can be tested to permit upscaling for commercial production and a large multi-purpose industrial unit suitable for batch or continuous operation. The small dryer is already in use, and the big plant is due to be commissioned in June 2012.

The company offers full service from recipe optimization, raw materials purchase and compounding to packaging and logistics: all from one source.

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