Founded in 1980, today STM is at the forefront of research, development, design and manufacture of dry grinding and dosage plants for all kinds of products for industrial and environmental applications.

STM has all the necessary organization, staff and experience to offer clients a wide and complete range of services, from single machines to entire turnkey systems; from feasibility studies to after-sales service and maintenance.

With a well-equipped testing centre and an efficient laboratory, STM can simulate and check the performance of any type of machinery or installation, varying the input materials and the operational and processing parameters.

A certified team of designers is on hand to provide expert technical advice for the installation of new plants or the modification, improvement and optimization of existing plants, integrating products from the STM range for maximum effectiveness.

STM supplies the grinding industry with efficient and reliable machinery, constructed using only top-quality components and fully compliant with European regulations on safety and environmental impact.

In step with technological developments in the marketplace, STM offers its clients:

  • highest levels of quality
  • rapid, efficient service
  • competitive prices

To this end STM is organized in several specialized divisions, backed by the Quality Assurance department.

The divisions work closely together and benefit from several decades of shared experience in the sector.

Quality Assurance

The main goal of STM is to provide its customer a service of quality and competence.
For this reason, STM quality System is compliant to the dedicated regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

QA act as support to the development of all company operation in order to obtain a continuous improvement on searching of optimal solution and increase customer satisfaction.

QA is responsible for:

  • The establishment, development and monitoring of the company’s quality control system
  • Compliance with quality criteria during all stages of production: planning, construction and final testing
  • Checking and calibration of portable instrumentation used by the Assistance team
  • Updating and development of the operations database.
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