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Started in 1993, Techno Designs has served the market of process industries by designing and manufacturing equipment for the process industry. Since then, Techno Designs has been a well-recognized supplier of solids processing and grinding products and designing complete turnkey projects for 25 years. We manufactured Solid handling products exclusively for our projects In 2009, Techno Designs recognized the strong demand in the solids handling market and started the design and manufacturing of Solids Handling products such as Rotary Airlock Valves and Dual Tunnel Diverter Valves under the ‘SolidsTech’ brand. In 2011, Techno Designs entered into the business of design and fabrication of aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel silos, available in both welded and bolted construction. Today we supply our handling products to minerals, plastics, cement, food and pharmaceutical industries. All this adds up to what is now a wide range of world class products offered by our Solids handling division.

Techno Designs
Solids Handling Division
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