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US Duct

US Duct designs and fabricates industrial ductwork solutions, including galvanized & stainless steel ductwork, special fabrications such as automatic blast gates and diverter valves, the highly adjustable clamp together duct, and our exclusive 3D design service that lets you visualize any system before you buy.

US Duct designs and fabricates industrial duct solutions pertinent to the need of the customer and project. We offer the greatest knowledge base on duct design, duct fabrication, and sheet metal mechanics. While we would like to say we have seen it all, the truth is we have seen a lot but more importantly, we know how to address what we haven’t seen.

Our people work with you to address every aspect of the job; not just the ones you thought of but the ones that ours years of experience tell us that you should think of. In short, we not only help but we keep you out of trouble.

Our fully equipped shop gives us the ability to make intricate parts and standard parts quickly and efficiently. This means that you get what you need, on time and at the best price.

Our trained personnel are alert to production methods by application; grinding welds to precision for ‘snag’ sensitive situations or spending time and attention on special sealing when addressing wet application.

The principles, Steve McDaniel and David Kennedy, have been in the industry, fabricating duct and developing solutions for over 22 years-each. They have THE MOST knowledge of anyone in the industry when it comes to fabrication practices- particularly of Clamp Together Duct. Their goal is to provide the industry with a Quality product, Delivered Quickly. As a privately held LLC, they are position to eliminate overhead and deliver with the BEST Price.

US Duct
4898 McCracken Rd
United States
(855) 487-3828


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Butterfly Valves
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