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For 40 years VELCO is known as reliable partner for iron, steel and refractory industry.
VELCO supplies stand-alone refractory gunning machines as well as tailor-made gunning manipulators for the hot repair of EAFs, ladles, RH-snorkels, etc. Combined with VELCO’s patented Gunmix® moistening system it is possible to process LC/ULC concretes in the dry gunning procedure. For small repairs, this is an efficient alternative to shotcreting.

Besides the gunning systems VELCO also produces pneumatic transport equipment for the injection of carbon and lime at the EAF, for slag foaming process, or for analysis correction and desulfurization at the LF. For the repair of local hot spots at the BF VELCO offers equipment by which Rutilit (a synthetic titanium dioxide) is injected into the blast furnace tuyere without stopping the BF operation.

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