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Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH extraction, filter and conveying systems are used in almost all industries. They capture dust and solid particles from air and process gases, convey them and separate them.

Our product range encompasses a broad spectrum of separators – from cyclones through filter systems to scrubbing systems.

Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH are thus able to select the most suitable system in each case. These filters differ in their design, their cleaning method, such as compressed air cleaning and reverse air cleaning, and in the type of filter media.

This range allows Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH to individually match process and filter.

This is particularly important when space is at a premium. Our modular, standardised construction means that we can easily extend filters.

High quality filter media ensure that low residual dust levels can reliably be maintained. In many cases, the cleaned air can be returned to the workshops without reservation.

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