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“Building any body for anybody.” A mantra coined long ago by John Medemblik and Case Walinga, the founders of Walinga. They wanted people to know that there were different ways of doing things: that you no longer had to settle for the status quo. There was now a company building to customer specifications at a fair price and without compromise.

Walinga Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Walinga products are ripe with innovative solutions. When you engage with Walinga, your relationship extends beyond the simple purchase of a Walinga product. Walinga not only listens to their customers, they engage in conversation. The only system you’ll ever need. Gives one person total grain-handling capability! Do it all with the Walinga Agri-Vac. Fill or empty any storage facility being used.

About Walinga Machining Division

Walinga’s advanced Machining Division not only manufactures parts and assemblies for themselves, but now provides cost saving, precision contract component manufacturing and assembly to other industries. Machining Division services run the gamut from engineering and proof of concept support, through prototyping, design for manufacturing, reverse engineering, dimensional analysis, and product and tool inspections.

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