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WEBA is the pioneer of the world-renowned WEBA Transfer Chute System, which is used for bulk material transfer across many sectors of the mining industry.

The first WEBA iron ore chute was designed in South Africa in the early 90s and in the decades since, though many have tried to copy it none have been able to master the quality and benefits of a genuine WEBA transfer chute.

The company employs the latest technology to produce a quality end product that can boost production and the bottom line.

From concept design through to project delivery, WEBA is a global leader in providing tailored bulk material transfer solutions to the iron ore, gold, coal, chrome, manganese, diamonds, platinum and agriculture industries.

Our offices in South Africa, Australia, the USA and Europe are run by talented professionals who are dedicated to providing transfer chute solutions globally.

The company has installed more than 3,800 chutes worldwide, delivering products to Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the USA and emerging markets in South America.

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