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YTRON Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG

Directed Jet Mixers, Powder Dispersers, Homogenizing and Emulsifying Equipment by the Specialist

YTRON is known as a specialist for the supply of rotor-stator systems. This technology is in use for air-free, homogeneous mixing of liquids, suspending/dissolving of solids as well as for aerating.

YTRON machines and systems are in use for industrial processing of liquids, for suspending and dissolving of powders and powdery products of all kind, homogenizing, wet milling for particle size reduction and emulsifying as well as aerating / whipping / foaming. The action of YTRON-Y goes well beyond simple agitation or stirring of liquids, it provides a perfectly air-free, homogeneous mix.

Directed Jet Mixing Turbines (the performance goes way beyond the one of a simple stirrer or agitator), Powder Mixing equipment as well as Homogenizers made by YTRON are known for leading innovation. YTRON is known throughout process industries as a leader in new developments, and a quality way above the average with total reliability. In 1998, the company was successfully transferred by the founder Dr. Roland Karg to Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Trauwitz and success continues.

Leading enterprises working in the industries of food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical production increase the efficiency of their processes by using YTRON Mixers, e.g. Directed Jet Mixers like YTRON-Y, Emulsifying Machines YTRON Z, Powder blenders YTRON-XC and YTRON-ZC as well as skid mounted systems.

You will find our partners in over 50 countries in the world, providing a competent service.

Competent consulting and service to our customers are our priority. YTRON is the right choice if your goal is to increase efficiency, save energy, costs and production time. The ideal solution, for example to perform Yoghurt-STRETCHING® will be made available by YTRON. We are looking forward to get your application data.

Directed Jet Mixing Turbines • Emulsifying • Homogenizing • Powder Mixing • Dispersing

YTRON Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG
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