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Milling & Grinding by Dinnissen Process Technology

Milling & Grinding by Dinnissen Process Technology
1 Dec 2020  |
Dinnissen assists you with fast and efficient ingredient grinding and crushing to exactly the right composition and grain size.

Key concepts here are hygiene, energy-saving, minimal waste and prevention of contamination.

Our Solutions

Hygienic lump breaker


The crusher operates based on the rotor/stator principle, in which the product is reduced by cams on a central shaft in combination with stator combs mounted in the housing.

Hamex® hammer mill

Hamex® hammer mill

Reducing the size of materials is often an important process step.

Hamex® Semi Automatic Hammer Mill

Hamex® semi automatic hammer mill

Safely change screens semi-automatic without stopping the rotor.

Hamex® full automatic hammer mill

Hamex® full automatic hammer mill

Safely change screens fully automatic without stopping the rotor, without operator intervention. Reliable, low-maintenance and an increased production capacity

Dinnox mill

Dinnox mill

The grinding principle of the Dinnox stainless-steel mill is based on the Dinnissen hammer mill and is characterized by its very compact design, variable rotor speed and one-side bearing.

Roller mill

Roller mill

With a roller mill, a product is compressed and reduced between two counter- rotating rollers.

Dinnissen shredder (or cutting / knife mill)


Shredders, also known as cutting and knife mills, are especially suitable for reducing the size of soft and tough products.



More and more people are realizing that it is better to replace consumption of excessive amounts of sugars and fats with healthy, tasty products, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

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