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Limestone Processor Cuts Energy Consumption with Pneumatic Conveying System

Limestone Processor Cuts Energy Consumption with Pneumatic Conveying System
19 Jun 2023  |
A limestone processor has reduced its energy requirements for conveying powdered limestone from storage to a silo for loading railcars by up to 30 percent by replacing its lean phase pneumatic conveying system with a continuous, dense phase pneumatic conveying system.

Designed and manufactured by process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, the dense phase conveyor system automatically transfers the abrasive powder the same distance of 190 m with 30 m of lift at the same throughput rate of 20 tons/hour but at a lower velocity requiring less air and up to 30 percent less electricity. The gentle powder transfer approach also allowed the removal of multiple pipe elbows for a streamlined configuration that prevents pipe wear and particle degradation.

Featuring a proprietary design, the Gericke Pulse-FlowTM PTA pneumatic conveyor uses twin pressure vessels set inside the production facility to introduce the powdered lime into the conveyor as pulsed slugs, then transfers the material outside over a railway line for storage. The sealed system has performed consistently even with wide temperature differences conveying from indoors to outdoors and has eliminated nuisance dust concerns.

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