New Fans According to Old Plans

New Fans According to Old Plans
In October 2018, four new industrial fans were installed in a power plant in northeastern Mexico, replacing the existing over 40 years old systems. In spite of numerous refurbishments, the old fans from Rothemuehle had become inefficient and maintenance-intensive in the course of time.

On this account, the operator had decided to replace the 1975 installed machines completely. By switching to two state-of-the-art fresh air fans and two new induced draft fans as well as the simultaneous implementation of the inlet vane control units from the old Rothemuehle concept to the low-maintenance and more simple POLLRICH design, higher plant efficiency was achieved with greatly reduced energy consumption.

This order is exceptional in many ways. First of all, the contractor is remarkable, as POLLRICH with locations in Siegen and Moenchengladbach is the company in which Rothemuehle’s know-how, as well as the service and spare parts business, have meanwhile come to fruition. With his inquiry, the client therefore deliberately turned to the expertise successors from the past. The operator also provided another special feature concerning the design and model of the four new fans. As the basis for the installation of new systems – including slide bearings, oil supply systems, modern silencers, and propulsion engines, two inlet vane control units and actuators – the original drawings of the machines from the 1970s were to be used. Therefore, construction engineers, normally working on a very high technical level, had to be extremely flexible and to do a lot of fundamental work to get the job done.

Due to the rather tight schedule for delivery and installation, the POLLRICH team had to deal with the problem of rethinking proven work processes in order to achieve the shortest possible delivery time. The static parts of the delivery – such as engine and bearing blocks, housings, suction boxes, foundation anchors and internals – were taken over by the customer at the destination port on-time. All other components such as impellers with shafts, plain bearings, oil systems, swirl regulators and actuators were to be sent by air freight to Central America one month later. The intensive communication between POLLRICH and its suppliers, forwarding agents and the customer reduced this period considerably. Actually, only one impeller had to be transported by plane to Mexico, which meant savings in the six-figure range for the customer. POLLRICH won another satisfied customer due to energy savings, a significant reduction in planned transport costs and the increased efficiency of the state-of-the-art fans.

The total delivery included about 90 tons of material in 69 packages. This meant distribution to several sea containers and boxes on flats, with each one of the four shafts, delivered weighing almost eight tons. In order to transport as many packages as possible in one ship’s cargo, some external operations such as annealing, sandblasting, MT testing and turning were taken over by the customer’s personnel in Mexico at his own request. Supervision was carried out on site by specialists from POLLRICH so that professional assembly and commissioning could be ensured at all time.

This exceptional order and the customer’s confidence confirm POLLRICH’s expertise in manufacturing heavy duty industrial fans and international project management, demonstrating that flexibility and creativity remain indispensable even in the age of Industry 4.0 and in the context of global competition.

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