Pure Spice Mixtures in Pneumatic Conveyor Pipes

One of the biggest Indonesian food companies located in Jakarta and with a market presence of almost 50 years, has developed into a global market leader of instant Noodles.

Its target is to achieve this also with all its other products such as spice mixtures and sauces. The company‘s success was to provide consumers with instant meals in typical Indonesian flavors – which is why the spice division is so important.

Metal inspection at a constant flow rate and high conveying speed

When this customer looked for a metal detector, he expected this system to remove metallic contaminations from dry spices inspected in pneumatic pipes without causing any interruptions to the production process. For this purpose, the metal detector had to be hermetically integrated into the customer‘s pipeline system in which the spice mixtures are transported at high speed.

Reliable metal detection without interruptions

The metal detector GF 4000 detects all metallic impurities and separates them reliably by means of the „Quick Flap“ separation system with minimal material loss and without a production stop. In addition, specially developed for material conveyor speeds up to  20 m/sec.

Maximum interference immunity and highest reliability

The reliability of the GF 4000 with respect to detection and separation of contaminations with minimum loss of good material, the easy installation, and the high stability during production were the deciding factors for this food producer.

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