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Receive the latest news on worldwide powder & bulk solids handling technologies? makes its news and events available via RSS feeds to facilitate reading via news aggregators.

With our separate subscriptions you can filter only the important news you need to get ahead at work.

BulkInside’s Feeds

About RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format used for content distribution and syndication. Subscribing to RSS feeds allows you to receive custom, up-to-date information from your favorite online content sources without having to regularly check the site for updates.

How to Access RSS Feeds

News readers that display RSS feeds from the websites you specify—they check the RSS feeds you have subscribed to and display new items from each feed. You can download news reader applications for your computer and there are also many popular web-based news readers available, such as Google Reader and Bloglines. Most of the web browsers and email applications also have RSS capabilities built in.

You can see a list of many available news readers at Wikipedia.

How to Subscribe to BulkInside’s RSS Feeds

BulkInside offers RSS feeds for All News, Suplliers News, Industry Insights and Events.

To subscribe simply go to the category that you want. Then click the orange ‘RSS’ button (see above). This should trigger your chosen news reader to add the subscription.

If your browser has RSS capabilities, then you can add the feed there. The command varies between browsers, but can usually be found on the ‘File’ or ‘Bookmarks’ menus, and will be called something like “Subscribe to this page” or “New Live Bookmark”.

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