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20 Years of Experience in Dosing and Pneumatic Conveying

20 Years of Experience in Dosing and Pneumatic Conveying
28 Jul 2020  |
Camposanto (MO) - BHT offers twenty years of experience in dosing and pneumatic conveying for powders and granules, from the electrical management and control software, to the finished plants.

All processes, designs and tests are performed inside the company; our experts follow from the starting idea to the finished product, all throughout the life cycle of the machine, until its delivery.

For over 20 years we are in this field, this is why automation and dosing are our strong point.

BHT feeders are available in various typologies and sizes, depending on the conveyed material, the required flow rate and the necessities of the customer.

batteria dosatori con elettro lucidatura

Screw dosers are ideal for dosing powders, granules and some grinded materials. They allow to integrate, with speed and precision, the feeding of the product in processes of transformation, which:

  • extrusion
  • blending
  • packaging
  • covering

The dispensers are totally made of AISI 304 stainless steel or, on request, AISI 316 and can be certified ATEX 21 or ATEX 22 if necessary. The feeders can also be completed with:

  • polishing treatment
  • hammerers
  • vibrators
  • level indicators
  • fluidization kit
  • teflon coating

The construction is modular, which permits an extreme ease of disassembly and simplifies cleaning and sanitizing operations for product change needs.

20 Years of Experience in Dosing and Pneumatic Conveying

Single-screw dosing machines are particularly suitable for precise dosing of powder or granules. Their versatility makes them suitable for materials of different smoothness, grain size and density. The wide range of screws of different geometries is also able to guarantee adaptability to many sectors of application, from plastic to food, guaranteeing a wide range of flow rates, from small quantities to large dosages.

Gravimetric single screw dosing units are particularly suitable for high precision dosing, they can be equipped with one or more load cells and thanks to the original BHT software, the dosing device self regulates the flow in order to always guarantee the required flow rate. A wide range of flow rates is guaranteed, from small quantities to large doses, and the dosing process could be both continuously and in batches, based on the type of product and the customer’s needs.

Twin-screw feeders are particularly suitable machines for highly compacting powders and/or when high consistency/precision in the dosage is required. Their shape makes them suitable for materials of high smoothness, preventing unwanted effects of “siphoning”.

The volumetric twin-screw feeders, thanks to the two self-cleaning screws, ensure a regular and constant flow, which could be:

  • continuous flow ranging from 50 g / hour up to several tons / hour
  • batch dosing for even very small quantities of product

The gravimetric twin-screw feeders are suitable for continuous or batch applications:

20 Years of Experience in Dosing and Pneumatic Conveying
  • continuous-flow ranging from 400 g / hour up to several tons/hour
  • batch dosing capable of dosing even small quantities of product.

Besides the Screw feeders, BHT proposes the vibrating channel feeders to dose granular products in fragile granules or in coarse pieces, such as roasted coffee, plastic compound, or other irregular shapes, such as cereal fibres or flakes, which could be damaged with the classic screw feeders.

The product flows, thanks to a vibration system, through a dosing channel that can be 30-50-100-150 mm, but it is possible to adapt the size according to the customer’s requests and application. The dosage can be either in batch or continuous.

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