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Compressed-Air Operated & ATEX-Certified for Combustible Dust

Compressed-Air Operated & ATEX-Certified for Combustible Dust
VAC-U-MAX offers a full line of ATEX-certified combustible dust vacuum cleaners for Class I and Class II, Division 2 hazardous location areas.

These compressed air operated systems include the vacuum cover, drum, dolly, vacuum hose, cleaning tools, compressed-air hose with quick-disconnect fittings, and polybag drum liners. No additional parts or components are needed.

Systems do not require electricity or generate heat from operation, meeting the true definition of an intrinsically safe system. Intrinsically safe systems are designed to be unable to release thermal heat or electrical energy which can cause ignition of flammable materials (combustible dusts).

Explosion sources include electrical sparks and arcs, flames, hot surfaces, static, electromagnetic radiation, and chemical reactions. VAC-U-MAX invented the world’s first industrial vacuum cleaner that operated on compressed air for the highly flammable textile mills industry of New Jersey, USA.

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