Solution for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Fidas® Frog by Palas GmbH - Solution for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Much public attention currently focuses on pollution of the ambient air with particulate matter, which is constantly monitored by the environmental authorities. However, hardly anyone is aware of the fact that particulate matter concentration in indoor air is often considerably higher.

The reason for this is accumulation of dust entering from the outside and dust emitted by indoor sources. The movement of persons in the room constantly resuspends the particles.

Depending, e.g., on the furnishings and technical equipment of the room, the number of persons present, and the frequency of cleaning, the fine dust load can be many times higher than the value in the outside air. This applies to harmless particles as well as to potentially harmful ones from emission sources in the immediate vicinity of the building, or from other rooms in the same building. Since the vast majority of the population spend most of their time in closed rooms which are not equipped with air purifiers, indoor air quality is an issue that will become increasingly important in the future.

A precise and flexible measuring technique for indoor air monitoring is already available with the fine dust aerosol spectrometer Fidas® Frog, made by Palas®. This portable device, technically derived from the very successful Fidas® 200 type approved ambient air monitor, is increasingly used for measurements inside buildings. Its unusually wide measuring range, regarding the size of the detected particles as well as their concentration in the air, makes the Fidas® Frog suitable for monitoring emission-free rooms in, e.g., offices and living areas, as well as for work areas containing dust sources.

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