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Centralized Vacuum Cleaner UFA150EH

Standard Industrie offers a wide range of solutions to address the on-site industrial cleaning requirements. For this, the technical team proposes different configurations to meet the plant needs whatever the industry sector, type of dust and bulk powder material such as cement, gravel, wood chips, coal or food products, … The fixed and mobile vacuum cleaning solutions are designed for the cleaning, recycling and safety of most of industrial sites looking for high suction performance.

Here is an example of a global cleaning project for a sinter plant where Standard Industrie installed a fixed vacuum solution with a complete pipe network.


The sinter plant – 80x30m building with multiple levels – had dust emissions and therefore cleaning requirements. Currently cleaning manually but labor intensive operations were complicated in such a big building and material disposal also a challenge as it was not gathered in one central point. Also, it was difficult to cover the entire building manually.


Following the technical survey on site, STANDARD INDUSTRIE, proposed and installed:

  • The industrial vacuum cleaner UFA150EH
  • 2m3 gravity pre-separator as main collector for the reception of fines.
  • 2m3 self-tipping container as extra collector to dispose of the material.
  • 900m pipe network covering the entire building on all levels.
  • accessories for pumping and surface cleaning.
  • training of all plant operators

Performance of the machine:

  • 1 ton/hour at the furthest point
  • Air output: Up to 4000 m³/hour
  • Vacuum performance: Up to 8000 mm WC
  • Collection capacity: Up to 2 m³


The client was accompanied from A to Z by Standard Industrie to obtain a very satisfactory result.

Using the UFA coupled to the pre-separators and the pipe network, the industrial site can take advantage of a centralized vacuum unit allowing him to collect material from all places inside the sinter plant with minimal handling operations.

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