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The New Explosion Isolation Valve VigiFLAP Certified in Accordance with EN 16447

27 Aug 2020  |
The VigiFLAP is an explosion isolation valve that is designed to prevent the propagation of a deflagration or flame front through ducting from a downstream event originating in equipment such as dust collectors, flter or cyclone.

The VigiFLAP can be used as both an upstream and downstream protection device when used on each side of the protected vessel. To accomplish this, the VigiFLAP uses a unique locking mechanism that allows the valve to be held open in a working position, with the ability to quickly close during an event. This locking mechanism also reduces the pressures drop experienced in many similar isolation type devices.

In the event of an explosion or deflagration, the valve will close, lock and prevent the passage of flame. Unlocking of the flap once it has been closed, must be completed manually at the locking mechanism.

The New Explosion Isolation Valve VigiFLAP Certified in Accordance with EN 16447


Version 1: July 2020

  • Dirty air and clean air side
  • Horizontal position only ±10º
  • Pull flow
  • KST MAX 250 (all dusts, metallic dust included)
  • ø160 to ø800mm

Version 2: November 2020

  • Horizontal and vertical position
  • Push and pull flow
  • With elbow

Version 3: Januari 2021

  • KST MAX 300
  • ø > 800until ø1300mm included
  • Metal dust included until diam 800

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VIGILEX explosion protection systems are designed by the STIF Company, which is specialized in the manufacture of components for the bulk handling industry. Created in 1984, the S.T.I.F. Company has earned a solid international reputation...

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