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BinMaster Compact Radar Level Sensor

6 Jul 2023  |

Measure your bin, silos, and tanks with a non-contact radar for continuous measurements sent right to your phone or PC. BinMaster’s family of non-contact radar level sensors provides continuous level measurement in solids, powders, and liquids. The 80 GHz frequency is focused in a narrow 4° to 8° beam angle to detect reflections from any media making it extremely precise and reliable.

Select a CNCR compact non-contact radar to measure up to 98 feet. This sensor works reliably in challenging conditions. It sets up fast using Bluetooth and a cell phone. Unlike other sensors, the CNCR has no dead zone, and measures right up to the face of the sensor.

Take the time to consider a CNCR radar to eliminate climbing your vessels to measure. Enjoy an immediate ROI as it saves about 15 minutes per measurement and ensures you have the information you need to strategically order more material reducing the chance of production stops or overfills.  CNCR fits in tight spaces, installs through existing opening and is IP rated for protection against dust and water.

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Processing operations that struggle with the challenges of inventory management and timely replenishment of all types of solids and powders can monitor silo levels on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop with complete solutions from BinMaster....

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