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Level Measurement With Rotary Paddle Switches In Wood Chip Conveyor Systems

Level Measurement With Rotary Paddle Switches In Wood Chip Conveyor Systems
19 Jul 2023  |
A reliable solution for controlling the material feed of the conveyor belt systems was implemented for one of the three largest manufacturers of wooden panels in Brazil. Suitable level measurement technology in the form of UWT rotary paddle switches enabled the optimization of the manufacturing processes at several plant locations. The challenge was that the sensors are exposed to constant friction and are used in a very dusty environment.

Measurement technology for the international timber industry

For the manufacturer of wood panels, MDP, MDF and HDF panels in Brazil, the focus of equipment-related considerations is the productivity and availability of its systems. UWT has experience in the global wood industry and its challenges and can offer the right measurement technology for level and point level control – sensors that are robust, durable and maintenance-free.

Two sensors should take over the switching off of the material supply in case of a material flow blockage for the conveyor belt systems. Due to the dusty environment and the permanent friction of the material on the sensor, a robust electromechanical measuring principle was required. Together with the team from UWT DO BRASIL INSTRUMENTOS DE MEDIÇÃO LTDA, a modular point level switch was configured on site for the demand detection. Namely the rotating paddle switch Rotonivo® RN 3000 which has a double ball bearing and an additional shaft seal. This reliably prevents powder from penetrating the probe. The shaft is connected to the motor via a slip clutch, which protects the probe even with constant friction of the material on the rotary paddle.

The rotary vane demand detectors were installed at several locations near Araucária and Lages to optimize the wood chip conveyor systems.

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