Powder Recovery for Automotive Additive Manufacturing

Powder Recovery for Automotive Additive Manufacturing - Russell Finex - BulkInside
Global automotive manufacturer reduces 3D printing turnover time by 8 hours.

Looking to advance 3D printing product development, a leading automotive manufacturer invested in a large purpose-designed facility for 3D printing polymer and metal solutions. Previously, their powder handling was done manually, meaning lengthy downtimes and potential health hazards due while handling metal powders.

To combat these issues and improve production, the company integrated the AMPro® Sieve Station into their production line. Seeing immediate results, the sieve now allows the group to refill its 3D printer in less than an hour, saving 4-8 hours per build. Automating the process also means less manual effort required from operators, while minimizing their exposure to hazardous metal powders.

The AMPro® Sieve Station is ideal for managing the entire powder reclaim process for increased production and operator safety. To improve your AM powder processing and boost your production, contact Russell Finex today.

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