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Boosting Powder Coating Screening Efficiency

Boosting powder coating screening efficiency
29 May 2024  |
Leading Chinese manufacturer enhances production with Finex Separator™ and Ultrasonic Deblinding system.

The rapid growth of China’s industrial coatings industry and stricter environmental policies have increased the demand for eco-friendly coatings, raising raw material and labor costs.

A top coatings manufacturer sought Russell Finex’s help to improve the screening process of fine powders, removing polymerized contaminants. Traditional methods using nylon tapping balls to prevent mesh blinding often damage the mesh and contaminate the coatings.

By integrating the Finex Separator™ and Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, which uses ultrasonic frequencies to prevent mesh blinding and allow fine particle screening down to 20 microns, the manufacturer boosted production efficiency. This system reduced downtime and fine powder loss, while enhancing sieving accuracy, capacity, and noise levels. This technology ensured consistent quality and increased production capacity at lower costs.

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