Screening Raw Food Powders Using The Russell Compact Sieve®

Eliminate oversize and contamination from your food ingredients to Improve product quality

Safety sieving is an essential part of processing bakery ingredients. Whether it’s desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, honeycomb or fudge, the removal of contamination is vital to meet food industry safety standards.

Our latest trial put the Russell Compact Sieve® to the test, sieving a wide range of bakery ingredients. Delivering a high throughput rate, the vibratory sieve proved to be an ideal solution for check screening a wide range of food applications, both wet and dry. Thanks to the vibratory mechanism, the sieve effortlessly managed to break up lumps and eliminate contamination with minimal operator involvement.

This compact vibratory sieve easily breaks up lumps with minimal operator involvement. Thanks to its hygienic design and minimal contact parts, the unit is easy to clean with minimal production downtime. To improve your food and beverage check screening, contact Russell Finex today.

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