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Separating Recycled Glass Grit for Sandblasting

Separating Recycled Glass Grit for Sandblasting
16 May 2023  |
The Russell Finex Separator™ proves efficient and cost-effective for industrial tools and minerals company

Sandblasting using glass grit is an effective technique for removing rust or paint from substances. Belgian Company Diaber utilizes recycled glass grit made using fine glass grains as a media for its sandblasting machines.

As uniform particle sizes for the grit are required for optimal performance of the sandblasting machines, sieves or separators are traditionally used to remove unwanted particle sizes. After looking for a solution for the sizing of the particles, Diaber consulted Russell Finex for a machine that is cost-effective, yet efficient.

The Finex Separator™ proved to be the ideal solution for sieving the glass at a high capacity, improving the company’s productivity and saving money compared to previous methods. Processing 2-3 tonnes of glass per hour, the Finex Separator™ not only reduced sieving time while effectively removing contamination but also minimized production downtime by eliminating the need to transport glass to and from be processed off-site.

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