Toll Sifting Powders Down to 10um

Toll Sifting Powders Down to 10um
Contract manufacturing specialty chemicals has been a process Elcan has been working with companies on for over 20 years.

Elcan offers a wide range of services to aid companies in the fine and specialty chemicals industry with contract manufacturing products. Elcan’s wide array of services allows companies in this industry to develop new products, meet surges in demand, and improve on current processes. Elcan carries a proprietary line of vibratory sieving equipment that can separate down to ten microns, which can allow companies achieve higher yields and cleaner product. Elcan also offers other contract manufacturing services including, but not limited to; repackaging, blending of dry powders, electromagnetic separation, de-lumping, and hammer milling.

Benefits of Toll Processing:

Contract manufacturing allows companies to outsource an existing process or develop a new process without being capitally committed to equipment. This allows for companies to meet existing orders that the plant may not be able to fill or outsource the process entirely. Contract manufacturing is also ideal for companies that are looking to develop new products and test the marketplace. By outsourcing the process, orders can be met without having interruptions in the existing process. This provides a huge benefit to companies looking to scale their operations. You can read more about the benefits of contract manufacturing in our latest blog post.

Toll Sifting Powders / Contract Manufacturing Specialty Chemicals:

Using our advanced line of vibratory sieving equipment and sifting machines, Elcan helps companies in the specialty chemicals industry with classifying products in sizes that are not achievable using conventional and ultrasonic screeners. Our unique Hi-Sifter technology is the only system to employ a vertical energy into the screen allowing for fine separations down to 10 microns. While the systems can sieve at finer sizes, they can also allow for higher yields and cleaner cuts at coarser sizes as well. Elcan also carries a line of tumbler screeners for products that require a finesse approach to separating rather than an energy approach.

Other Contract Manufacturing Services:

At our toll processing facility, Elcan offers multiple contract manufacturing services to assist companies in the specialty chemicals industry. Elcan offers repackaging services from bulk bags into smaller, Private label contract manufacturing, customizable formats for powders and granule products. Magnetic separation services allow companies to remove ferrous contaminants from feed stock. Mixing and blending of dry powders if offers for companies looking to develop new products or homogenize batches of powders. Delumping services are offered for material that has picked up moisture and needs to be returned to its original, free flowing state. Lastly, we offer hammer milling for companies looking to reduce materials to a finer size range.

Give us a call and see how Elcan can exponentially improve your manufacturing process. Ask us about trialing some of your materials here with us to benchmark our performance against what you are currently doing to see the Elcan difference!

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