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Major Confectionary Manufacturer Acquires Attritors from Union Process 

Major Confectionary Manufacturer Acquires Attritors from Union Process 
15 Oct 2021  |
A large confectionary manufacturer has purchased four Q-Series Chocolate Grinding Attritors from Union Process based in Akron, Ohio.

Each of the four specialized grinding systems includes a 450% starting inverter duty motor and an LCD screen that displays agitator RPM, motor AMPS, and horsepower being utilized at any given time.

“The precision grinding capabilities of the Q-Series are important for chocolate producers because chocolate must be ground down to 20 microns and under,” said Chuck Major, Union Process Sales Manager. “The Q-50 Attritors produce a fine, even particle dispersion that results in a very consistent end product.”

Chocolate sales spiked by as much as 13% during the COVID pandemic and are expected to reach $20 billion by 2025. Many different types of food processors have turned to Union Process to help keep pace with rising demand and to manage supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic, labor shortages, and other factors.

Since 1946, Union Process has provided custom grinding and dispersion solutions for a wide variety of applications for customers all over the world.

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