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Vortex Global Adds New Capabilities for Bulk Material Loading

Vortex Global Adds New Capabilities for Bulk Material Loading - VALS - Vortex Global - BulkInside
21 Mar 2024  |
Vortex Global, a provider of bulk material handling solutions, announces the launch of Vortex Automated Loading System (VALS), providing added capability in industrial loading. VALS is designed to optimize the loading of dry bulk solid materials into trucks with hatches (enclosed loading).

Bringing together components, the VALS system is a synergy of Vortex Loading Spouts, In-line Filters, and Positioners.

This integration signifies an advance in loading technology by creating an automated system that improves efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

One standout feature of VALS is the ability to facilitate driver-initiated loading operations.

Truck drivers can initiate the loading process without leaving their vehicle, increasing effectiveness, and upholding operator safety.

R.I.S.E. with VALS

  • Reliability – VALS works in a variety of lighting and weather conditions.
  • Integration – VALS is capable of being integrated with most site-specific software. Vortex technical support is available during installation & startup.
  • Safety – VALS eliminates the need for physical interaction between employees and equipment during the loading process thus decreasing the chance for safety related incidents. Truck drivers can remain within their vehicles on the scale while VALS quickly goes to work loading the material.
  • Ease – VALS reduces the need for multiple employees to be present for material loadout. Labor availability and costs are no longer a concern with VALS. Also, the reduction of employee involvement means fewer chances for human error and a more streamlined loading process.

The loading process facilitated by VALS is thorough and precise. Upon entering a scale target zone, the truck’s weight triggers the system.

A camera system locates the hatch, and the positioner moves the spout into place. Loading commences, and upon completion, the system retracts the spout for the next vehicle.

By ensuring consistent load times and eliminating distractions, the VALS system sets a new precedent for productivity and safety in bulk material handling operations.

Vortex Global offers this technology as a testament to its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in bulk material handling. The VALS system is a vital component for companies looking to enhance their operational capacities.

For information about Vortex Automated Loading System (VALS) contact your Vortex Salesperson today.

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