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Vortex Spout Filtration System

30 Aug 2023  |
Vortex Spout Filtration is an innovative system that offers a range of solutions to meet your dust collection and control needs.

Specifically designed to displace dust-laden air, capture fugitive dusts, and safely reintroduce cleaned air back into the atmosphere and product into the material flow stream, this filtration system is one-of-a-kind. With its compact, square-shaped design, it is ideal for installations with limited space and is available in various sizes to accommodate varying air withdraw capacities and total cartridge filters.

The system’s key features include quick-lock filter cartridge access panels, Magnehelic® pressure gauges for differential pressure readings, and low-profile dimensions. With stainless steel, mild steel, ceramic-lined steel, and chromium carbide material contact options and pleated, spun-bound polyester media, and PTFE-coated media filter cartridge options to choose from, the Vortex Spout Filtration system is your go-to filtration solution.

Say goodbye to potential safety hazards, dust overflow, and costly maintenance and hello to the improved profitability and waste reduction that come with Vortex Spout Filtration.

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