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Set of Two Vertical Vacuum Dryers for a British Company

Set of Two Vertical Vacuum Dryers for a British Company
9 Feb 2023  |
Bachiller delivered a set of two vertical vacuum dryers, SUPRADRY SDV-010, with a capacity of 1,000 liters in AISI-304-L stainless steel to a large British company in the chemical sector with over 100 years of history.

This vacuum dryer consists of a heated vertical mixing spiral, rotating at moderate speed to achieve an upward flow of perimeter product and a renewal of the product in contact with the heated walls.

The design of the SUPRADRY complies with the cGMP and EHEDG standards, and is perfectly valid for all kinds of applications within the pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical and precious metal industries.

The client required dryers that would handle their product, polymers, with care and be able to reduce the humidity from 0.2% to 0.01%.

Before delivering the equipment, Bachiller tested the process in their Test Center to ensure reliability. Once the necessary adjustments were made and the desired results were achieved, the equipment was scaled to meet the client’s requirements.

Advantages of the SUPRADRY – Vertical ribbon vacuum dryer:

  • Short drying times
  • High vacuum level
  • Gentle and homogeneous drying (ideal for fragile products)
  • Minimum final moisture content
  • Total batch discharge
  • Perfect homogenization of the production batch
  • Full process repeatability
  • Low temperature drying (ideal for heat sensitive products)
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Robust mechanics
  • Low maintenance dryer

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