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Syntron® Iris Valves - The Gold Standard

Syntron® Iris Valves- The Gold Standard
13 Feb 2024  |
Syntron® Iris Valves are manufactured to control the flow of powders, granules, flakes or pellets in a wide range of production equipment like hoppers, bins, dryers, blenders, bulk bag unloaders and vertical pipe lines.

Rotate the handle through a 180-degree arc to fully open/close the valve allowing adjustable material control from full feed to trickle feed.

Standard construction includes:  4 oz. nylon diaphragm allowing maximum temperatures 82°C (180°F).  Optional wear sleeves are available for handling abrasive, fine or dusty products.  Various diaphragm materials are available to suit your specific application.

Choose Syntron® as an alternative to Butterfly Valves or Slide Gates.

  • Alternative to Butterfly Valves & Slide Gates
  • Initial low-cost investment
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy diaphragm replacement
  • Minimum mounting area required
  • Durable construction for many years of service.
  • FV Series – Single diaphragm – twist lock handle
  • SFV Series – Single diaphragm – trigger handle
  • DFV Series – Double diaphragm – trigger handle

Your next conveying project deserves The Gold Standard in Iris Valves

We are the “conveying products people”…

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The first Syntron® Iris Valve was designed in the mid 1950’s and has not looked back for 60+ years The Syntron® brand name is recognized worldwide and is known for expertise in providing product solutions...

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