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The Vortex Fill Pass Diverter

8 Aug 2023  |
The Fill Pass Diverter is a highly specialized and efficient equipment designed for managing the flow of dry bulk materials within a pneumatic conveying system. It’s primarily used in applications where several types of materials need to be blended, mixed, or compounded together. One of the key advantages of the Fill Pass Diverter is its stackable design. This feature allows for the connection of several convey lines, which can be of uniform or differing sizes, all routing towards a common source. This enhances the efficiency of the process, making it compact and well-organized.

Another important feature is the double-acting air cylinder of the Fill Pass Diverter which enables an instant response to actuation commands. This contributes to precise and repeatable scaling based on predetermined weights, fill levels, or time intervals.  The Fill Pass Diverter offers many benefits over alternative pneumatic diverters. For instance, it avoids the grinding and packing of materials against the seals which can lead to material degradation, seal wear, and compromised product quality. It achieves this through its unique “scissoring” action that tapers off material flow when shifting between lines, thus extending the service life of the pressure plate seals.

In addition, the Fill Pass Diverter is designed with a “stack” inlet and outlet to address the inefficiencies found in many alternative pneumatic diverters used in closed-loop systems. This design enables immediate exhaustion of spent air pressure from inside the hopper, allowing it to continue downstream, away from the hopper. This results in more efficient filling and accurate batch weights.

Furthermore, the Fill Pass Diverter incorporates a spread stack concept which creates a cyclonic effect in the inlet stack. This allows for better separation of air and materials as they enter the hopper. Below the inlet stack, there’s a material deflector to prevent material carryover, ensuring efficient material movement and reduced fill times.  Constructed with FDA-compliant materials, the Fill Pass Diverter is suitable for use in the Food & Beverage industries, including bakeries and confectionary manufacturers. It also features flanged inlet and outlet stacks for added convenience and efficiency.

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