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Wye Line Pneumatic Diverter Valve

5 Jan 2024  |
The Vortex Wye Line Diverter is a reliable solution for the diversion or convergence of dry bulk solid materials. Crafted to guarantee a positive seal, this diverter outshines alternative pneumatic diverters.

At the heart of the Wye Line Diverter’s design is its ‘live loaded’ hard polymer pressure plate seals. These seals offer superior wear resistance and a prolonged service life compared to their soft rubber counterparts. The continuous pressure from the compressed rubber backing ensures a dust-tight seal, even with frictional wear over time. Unlike conventional plug diverters, the sliding blade design of the Wye Line Diverter self-cleans materials away from the sealing surfaces with each actuation.

This innovation not only prevents actuation issues but also reduces seal wear and guarantees a positive seal across the opposite line(s). Lightweight and sleek in profile, the Wye Line Diverter fits smoothly into complex installations. Its machined, full-bore orifice maintains convey line pressure and allows unrestricted material movement, creating a naturally occurring high-pressure airfoil that deflects stray materials back into the flow stream.

In summary, the Vortex Wye Line Diverter is a great choice for handling dry bulk solid materials with exceptional durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and superior performance. Its design is tailored for gravity flow and dilute phase pneumatic conveying applications, ensuring reliable and efficient material flow control.

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