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Switzerland Soon to be Ice-Free?

Switzerland Soon to be Ice-Free?
7 Jun 2024  |
Our customer, a logistics company for agricultural products and manufacturer of special road salt, is based in Switzerland. The special thing about this salt is that it retains its effectiveness even at temperatures below -8 degrees Celsius. Two raw materials are mixed and bagged in our facilities on site.

Using an intelligent control system, SSB has succeeded in controlling the existing silo discharge screws in such a way that the finished product can be conveyed directly from the conveyor without the need for additional mixer silos.

On the customer side, the system conversion required for this only involved the weight recording of the component silos via load load cells and the intelligent control system from SSB.

The savings and efficiency are considerable, as the customer can dispense with the mixer and delivery silos in future.

The finished product is stored in silos and filled into 25kg sacks or big bags.

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