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Cautious Optimism at Fagus-GreCon

15 Jul 2020  |
The order situation improves. The UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory opens its doors again for guests from all over the world. The good news with which Fagus-GreCon welcomes its worldwide sales partners to the annual information and experience exchange this week.

For the first time ever this international sales event took place online due to the digitisation drive triggered by the Corona pandemic. Technical innovations and marketing strategies for the preventive fire protection as well as the measuring technology were discussed with more than 100 sales partners from 44 countries. While the economic consequences of Corona are still noticeable, the recovery would contribute stepwise to a further stimulation of the customers‘ propensity to invest in some European and Asian countries and therefore to an improvement of Fagus-GreCon’s order situation from the point of view of the participants. Additionally, easier travelling conditions now allow our GreCon service technicians to carry out the partly overdue maintenance work and commissioning activities.

Thanks to the consistent adherence to the introduced safety and hygiene protection concept it has been possible to keep the CORONA virus away from the corporate premises up to now. According to Uwe Kahmann, Managing Director of Fagus-GreCon, the company will continue to do everything to avoid any thoughtless endangerment of this success despite the relaxations of the restrictions implemented during the last weeks.

The UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory is open for visitors again since 1st July 2020

Due to the decline in orders in spring, the company was on short time depending on the occupancy rate in agreement with the works council. “If the noticeable increase of the incoming orders of the approx. last six weeks continues, we will be able to take back these measures step-by-step soon,” Uwe Kahmann says.

Therefore Fagus-GreCon will employ new trainees also this year, as planned, to ensure the availability of technical experts also in the medium term by this step. 8 apprentices will start their training in the company on 1 September 2020.

Since 1 July 2020, the UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory is open for visitors again. Numerous guests from Germany and abroad have visited the “living monument” and participated in extended public guided tours. “We are very happy to be able to welcome visitors now again after more than three months of interruption and that we can finally also invite to our events again” Fabienne Gohres, head of the UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory, emphasizes.

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