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MIX SRL is an Italian company that since 1990 has been manufacturing Mixing Systems and Components for Bulk Solids Handlig suitable for many dirrerent fields of application.

MIX SRL product range:

Single shaft horizontal mixers, dryers, reactors, granulators, tailor made following the need of the specific process.

MIX SRL also manufactures: dust collectors, venting filters, butterfly valves, slide gates, accessories for silos as level indicators and pressure relief valves, loading bellows and gearboxes and components for screw conveyors. ATEX range of products availble.

When established in 1990, MIX`s prime objectives were simply ”to design and manufacture high quality mixing systems suitable for the treatment of different products”. The recruitment of a combination of high-experienced staff and qualified engineers enabled MIX to quickly confirm itself as a worldwide supplier in the mixing and blending market place. Supported by constant research, innovation, and development, MIX s.r.l. has successfully introduced a wide range of high quality products, at competitive prices. The innovative designs of many standard products provide solutions to many problems associated with mixing.

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