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Bulk Material Feeder Ensures Consistent Product Flow to Optimize Continuous Processes

Bulk Material Feeder Ensures Consistent Product Flow to Optimize Continuous Processes
23 Nov 2023  |
The Feedos® S bulk material feeder from process equipment manufacturer Gericke, automatically meters and doses powders and other dry materials with the high accuracy and consistency needed to optimize continuous processes. Featuring a proprietary design, the Feedos S is engineered with optimized geometry that eliminates dead zones to promote smooth, uninterrupted flow of a wide range of free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials. The potential for off-spec production due to errors or clogs at the feeder is virtually eliminated, along with the risk of human involvement.

Suitable for food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers, the Feedos S ensures a non-stop flow of material to mixers, blenders, compounders, reactors, and other continuous processing equipment at high rates up to 500 liters/hour. Additional models achieve throughput rates up to 54,000 liters/hour. The feeder may be adjusted during operation to accommodate recipe changes and quickly disassembled for cleaning without tools.

The Feedos S is available in standard, hygienic, and pharmaceutical models for installation in virtually any continuous processing application. Testing is offered in the company’s New Jersey test laboratory.

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