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Foeth Unveils New Brand Identity and Introduces New CEO Michiel Schreurs

Foeth Unveils New Brand Identity and Introduces New CEO Michiel Schreurs.
13 Feb 2024  |
Foeth, a driving force in process machine circularity for over 100 years, reveals its revamped brand identity with an entirely new look today. Positioned for the future, led by the new CEO Michiel Schreurs.

Reuse to Reduce

Foeth presents a powerful, current positioning: Reuse to Reduce. The company emphasizes that process machines are often prematurely written off, despite the potential for years of reuse after refurbishment. In an era where ecological footprints matter, Foeth deems this unacceptable. Therefore, the message from Foeth is: Let’s rethink, let’s reshape, let’s relocate, let’s reuse… Reuse to Reduce.

Foeth Stock and Foeth Program

The renowned ‘Foeth’ label is now divided into two sub-labels: one focusing on stockholding and refurbishment of process machines and the other on project-oriented solutions to unburden businesses with surplus process equipment. Alongside the repositioning of the Foeth brand, these two labels are now clearly and distinctly positioned:

Foeth Stock:

The label for buying and selling used process machines, with a focus on CO2 savings. Foeth Stock provides a broad selection of used process machines, with almost 3,000 machines readily available from stock. Driven by passion for trade and, above all, committed to doing what is right by giving process equipment a second life. Discover Foeth Stock.   

Foeth Program:

The label for unique, comprehensive circular solutions tailored to large-scale surplus manufacturing sites for companies in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical production industries. Aimed at unburdening customers with a complete program starting with project assessment and realizing safe, quick, and professional dismantling and complete site cleaning if desired.

Discover Foeth Program.

New CEO leads Foeth towards a more sustainable future

In addition to the revamped identity and clear positioning of the two sub-labels, Foeth proudly welcomes Michiel Schreurs as the new CEO. Michiel will drive further expansion as Foeth’s circular champion in the process industry. He succeeds Erik Saat, who now takes a seat on the Supervisory Board.

Meet Michiel.

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Since 1908, we have been active in the purchase and sale of pre-owned process equipment. Today, Foeth is the largest dealer in Europe, with more than 2,800 items in stock at our premises in Barneveld,...

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