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Sesotec Compliance Package - All-Round Carefree System For Food Safety

Sesotec Compliance Package - All-Round Carefree System For Food Safety
28 Jun 2022  |
Sesotec supports food manufacturers and processors in ensuring the best possible food safety: The high-end inspection devices quickly and reliably detect a wide variety of foreign bodies. With the new Compliance Package, Sesotec is launching innovative software for seamless and efficient documentation and guaranteed directive-compliant production.

The Sesotec software has the following functions:

  • Audit check – leads through the audit routine and logs all steps with the help of a process wizard.
  • Sensitivity Prediction – enables an automatic determination of the detection sensitivity of various foreign bodies.
  • Compliance Mode – sets sensitivity to factory or audit standards at the push of a button to produce compliantly and, at the same time, to reduce the false rejection rate.
  • Integrated Compliance Monitoring (ICM) – controls the detection capability of the inspection system. This continuous, internal control of detection requirements leads to immediate detection of deviations and increases the stability of the production process.
  • Integrated Validation Process (IVP) – is a documentation tool and yields proof that the desired quality objectives for the respective product have been achieved.

The compliance package is available for the VARICON+ IC metal detection system for conveyor belt applications, for the INTUITY metal detector, the LIQUISCAN VF IC metal separator for filler applications, and for the RAYCON D+ HX and RAYCON D+ HX LW X-ray systems. Sesotec Product Manager Thomas Hellgermann explains: “With the Compliance Package, Sesotec has developed an all-around carefree system for food safety. Not only does it guarantee compliant food production, but users also benefit from greater process reliability because it ensures that their machines are working perfectly at all times. Product waste is thus reduced and, thanks to paperless documentation, processing plants are well protected against tampering.”

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