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Innovative Raw Material Handling with open Digital Twins by Opdenhoff

nnovative Raw Material Handling with open Digital Twins by Opdenhoff
3 Jun 2024  |
Opdenhoff revolutionizes raw material handling with digital twins, enhancing efficiency and productivity on the shop floor. Discover the value stream transformation and new possibilities for growth.

Opdenhoff, with over fifty-five years of experience, leads the industry in raw material handling by integrating digital twins. Located in Hennef, home to the world’s first fully automated scale, we use advanced technology to connect people, machines, products, and systems.

This seamless integration creates a harmonious and efficient workflow, transforming the value stream. Our solutions ensure precise monitoring and optimization from creation to disposal of assets, offering significant added value. Embrace the potential for growth and efficiency by partnering with Optenhoff and experience the future of bulk material handling.

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OPDENHOFF is at the forefront of innovation in bulk material handling, redefining the value stream through the integration of digital twins. With over 55 years of experience, we leverage state-of-the-art technology to connect people, machines,...

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