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Moisture Can Quickly Affect Plant Safety: A Fail-Proof Solution

Moisture Can Quickly Affect Plant Safety: A Fail-Proof Solution
10 Jan 2024  |
A fail proof solution for the production line is a NIR moisture measurement solution that allows for full monitoring.

Ideally there would never be an accident report on the job and every safety precaution would be followed to a T by the team. But usually that is not the case and far too often we read reports of on-site accidents with equipment. Safety and quality are both main concerns when it comes to the manufacturing and production process. Ensuring the team members are efficient in their job while being safe ensures that everyone goes home at the end of the day.

Excess moisture within a product can cause more issues than just quality control, in some instances, excess moisture in the product creates issues with equipment function that can possibly lead to human intervention. In those cases, huge safety concerns arise as large pieces of equipment can be very dangerous to work with and around. Accidents happen every day on the job and if we can find ways to eliminate them by implementing proactive measures, we can decrease the number of accidents and increase workers’ safety in the workplace.

Moisture measurement equipment is designed to detect the moisture levels within a product during the production process, to allow the user the ability to adjust as needed to increase the quality of the product.

When properly used, the system provides immediate results, a more consistent product, less waste, and downtime, saved time and energy costs and less human error. A fully automated system allows a small component like moisture measurement to be constantly performed, eliminating time consuming lab tests.

High moisture levels can create hazards when it comes to applications like grains and animal feed, making it more difficult to dry and maintain the product. In grain applications, the quality of the product is affected by both moisture and temperature, which is directly related to numerous entrapment accidents. Dryer efficiency and energy consumption are directly related to excessive moisture content, which increases the cost of production. Excessive moisture can also create equipment clogging issues which then introduces the need for human intervention normally for clogging or a similar issue.

A fail proof solution for the production line is a near- infrared moisture measurement solution that allows for full monitoring. With the ability to be read on an external display or tie back into a PLC system, users can create a closed loop process and ensure safety and quality control during production. MoistTech’s NIR system is developed to stay consistently calibrated, giving you trustworthy moisture readings throughout the process.

MoistTech sensors come pre-calibrated to fit your exact application like a glove, eliminating the need for constant recalibration. Think of them as the superheroes of moisture measurement, tuned to your specific needs and continuously monitoring to ensure they stay on point. This not only guarantees accuracy but also extends the life of your sensors. MoistTech’s moisture sensors automatically adapt to changing conditions, maintaining peak performance without the need for constant attention. No babysitting required – these sensors are on top of their game, giving you reliable results without the headache of drifting calibration. 

MoistTech’s sensors are like the superheroes of durability. We can take a beating and still provide accurate moisture measurements. No matter the conditions, these sensors stand strong, giving you reliable results without breaking a sweat. MoistTech knows that every business is unique, and we’ve got your back. Our support team is there to help with calibration, troubleshooting, and anything else you need. It’s not just about technology; it’s about people working together to make sure you get the most out of your MoistTech experience.

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