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Effects of Moisture

Effects of moisture
14 Sep 2023  |
Fluctuating moisture levels can create a number of production issues.

Is it essential?

Proper moisture detection during production can help line personnel make immediate adjustments to increase product quality and consistency. A non-contact solution is ideal to detect and display moisture levels directly on the production line in real-time. Providing measurements of raw materials throughout the process allows full control over the manufacturing line to avoid waste, downtime and out-of-spec product.

Improved product quality, lower energy costs, less product waste and less downtime are just a few reasons to measure moisture on the production line.


Monitoring 100% of the product can instantly achieve a closed loop process by incorporating a moisture measurement system into the existing process. Developing a proactive solution to moisture control will avoid costly downfalls, repairs and wasted product.
Multiple installation points in the process can be ideal for placing a system including pipeline, conveyor, chute, bin and more.


  1. Process Optimization
    Constant monitoring of the moisture content allows for line personnel to ensure 100% product quality
  2. No Maintenance or Drifting
    An IR3000 series sensor is maintenance free and will not drift over time causing a need for re-calibration.
  3. Increased Efficiency
    Immediate efficiency improvements can be seen with moisture monitoring including dryer control and reduced human error.

At a Glance


  • Near-Infrared Technology
  • Superior Customer Support
  • Backwards Compatibility


  • All software included with sensor
  • No need for external display


Near-Infrared moisture measurement is a non-contact measurement that offers clear advantages over the traditional methods, most important being ease-of-use, elimination of hazardous chemicals, and increased efficiency of product testing.

With NIR analysis, all manual steps of collecting, drying and accurately weighing samples are eliminated.

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