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Introducing Advanced Granulated Sugar Milling Systems for Perfect Icing Sugar Production and Packaging

Introducing Advanced Granulated Sugar Milling Systems for Perfect Icing Sugar Production and Packaging
15 Sep 2023  |
Unlock the full potential of your sugar production with Acmon Systems, a proud member of Acmon Group. With over three decades of expertise in raw material automation within the food industry, the mother company of the group have perfected comprehensive solutions for sugar processing.

Solutions on a turn key basis cover every step of the journey, from efficient reception and conveying to precise grinding and bagging of icing sugar, tailored to meet your individualized requirements both from production capacities and granulometries point of view.

Experience the agility of a modular lego type design, specially crafted to cater to diverse needs. Acmon’s systems complete granulated sugar milling systems effortlessly adapt to large scale industrial plants or medium to small-sized production facilities.

For small and mid-size operations, you have the option to select between a solution to upgrade your existing equipment by replacing outdated grinders with cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrated for enhanced performance. Alternatively, opt for a complete solution supply with all necessary supplementary equipment for a hassle- free setup.

Rest assured, our sugar handling and icing sugar production systems conform to the highest industry standards and certifications, including ATEX (explosion protection). With our innovative hygiene design, we minimize the risk of microbial growth caused by material residues, ensuring uncompromised product purity and quality. Maintenance becomes a breeze with our tool-free approach, allowing for easy and fast upkeep while maintaining compliance with modern safety protocols.

To further streamline your operations, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with end packages handling, boxing, and palletizing systems for flawless end line processes up to final dispatch. Enhance control and traceability All along your production plant (OT to IT) with our advanced production control software and total traceability solutions provided by Icon Systems and Acmon Data, respectively.

Choose Acmon Systems for reliable, adaptable, and market-leading industrial solutions that optimize granulated sugar milling processes. Elevate your icing sugar production and bagging to new heights while exceeding industry standards. Join hundreds of our satisfied customers and discover Acmon Systems market-leading solutions to elevate your industrial site production on a turn key approach.

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