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Bruks Siwertell is a market-leading supplier of dry bulk handling and wood processing systems. With thousands of installations worldwide, our machines handle your raw materials from forests, fields, quarries and mines, maintaining critical supply lines for manufacturers, mills, power plants and ports.

We design, produce and deliver systems for loading, unloading, conveying, storing, and stacking and reclaiming dry bulk materials, alongside equipment for chipping, screening, milling and processing wood for the biofuel, board, saw mill, pulp and paper industries.

We are global and local. You will find our main offices in the US, Sweden, Germany, China, Philippines, Russia and Taiwan, supported by a dedicated network of hundreds of representatives and dealers worldwide.

Bruks Siwertell can deliver the most efficient solution for almost any type of dry bulk handling operation. All terminals and ports have their own requirements and our systems can be tailored for any customer-specific demand. The loading, unloading and conveying systems can be seamlessly combined to handle almost all types of dry bulk material. No matter what requirements you face, we add flexibility to the process, creating the best solution for you.

Our solutions are designed to handle virtually all dry bulk and wood commodities traded across the world. Whether you handle compact lumpy materials, free-flowing powdery cargoes or hazardous commodities, we provide you with an efficient, clean and safe operation.

Trouble-free dry bulk and wood loading and unloading operations depend on optimum conveying arrangements. We deliver a range of conveyor solutions, from dedicated single-commodity terminals to complex dry bulk cargo hubs requiring a mix of conveying products.

Our loaders and unloaders come in a range of sizes and capacities to meet customer requirements. Unloaders and loaders are offered as either stationary or rail-travelling units. We build the solution to meet your installation needs.

We offer planned, on-demand and emergency maintenance service solutions to support you whenever you need us. Our service agreements allow us to take customer service one step further, offering preventative maintenance packages. With our service agreements, we make sure your operational needs are fully covered.

Bruks Siwertell technology provides you with the most environmentally-responsible and safe dry bulk handling operations on the market. Environmental protection has always been a key consideration for Bruks Siwertell and regulations are now imposing increasing demands on the industry to provide clean and quiet operations. With a focus on minimal dust creation and spillage, low noise levels, high efficiency and minimizing risks, our products exceed all current environmental legislation requirements relating to dry bulk material handling.

Siwertell’s enclosed conveying systems minimize the risk of pollution and health hazards when handling dangerous commodities. However, enclosed systems can create a risk of explosion and fire for some materials, for example sulfur. Bruks Siwertell addresses this problem with its 4S Siwertell Sulfur Safety System. The 4S detects and extinguishes fires and minimises the risk of explosions; safely containing them when they do occur.

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