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Siwertell Ship Unloaders Commissioned At New Chinese Power Station

Siwertell Ship Unloaders Commissioned At New Chinese Power Station
9 Mar 2023  |
Bruks Siwertell has completed the commissioning of two large-scale Siwertell ST 790-D-type ship unloaders for a newly developed ultra-supercritical power station in southern China, ensuring clean and efficient coal handling for their new owners.

“The Covid pandemic presented a number of challenges for the commissioning process as it was impossible to send personnel from Sweden,” explains Björn Ohlsson, Contract Manager, Bruks Siwertell. “We had to get creative, developing a unique set-up that saw our local personnel carry out the commissioning and performance tests with remote support from Sweden.

“The whole process required us to be very flexible, not only with our approach, but also with our working hours. The result is two ship unloaders that are meeting their new owner’s expectations,” Ohlsson adds.

The new unloaders secure the delivery of fuel to a two-unit 1,000MW power plant development.

Siwertell screw-type ship unloaders are designed to handle coal and other dry bulk materials in the most environment-friendly way possible, with totally enclosed conveying lines from start to finish, providing an operation free from spillage, and reducing dust emissions to a minimum.

“The proven performance of Siwertell unloaders was an important element in them being selected for this new development,” notes Ohlsson. “Our technology is also much lower in weight than any equivalent capacity equipment, which minimized the load on the jetty, delivering significant cost savings in jetty construction.”

In addition to their low weight, the Siwertell ship unloaders, deliver market-leading through-ship capacities, which minimize berth occupancy. These new units are rail-mounted and offer a continuous rated coal handling capacity of 1,800t/h, with a peak capacity of 2,000t/h, discharging vessels of up to 100,000 dwt.

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