Flag of GermanyDVA Holland-Merten GmbH

DVA Holland-Merten GmbH is a growing plant manufacturing enterprise steeped in tradition.

Since 1932 DVA Holland-Merten GmbH have been offering solutions in the fields of chemical/ pharmaceutical, environmental technology, foodstuffs industries and other equipments in order to optimize production chain for all these different partners.

DVA Holland-Merten GmbH offers nearly all types of contact drying and plant technology for a vacuum in one company

Product range:

  • Paddle dryers, vacuum paddle dryers
  • Drum dryers, Drum coolers, vacuum drum dryer
  • Agitator filters, filter dryers
  • Cone dryer, cone mixer
  • Testing chambers, impregnation chambers, drying chambers
  • Special apparatus, tank construction, chamber construction

DVA Holland-Merten GmbH deals in industrial drying, filtration and mixing processes all types of various materials. To fulfil these tasks in a most beneficial collaborational way with our customers.


DVA Holland-Merten GmbH
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Südharz OT Roßla
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