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Fluidwell is your global center of excellence for industrial sensors with customized solutions for your applications. Vast experience in Capacitance 2.0 technology across all functional areas enables us to increase your productivity and to quickly respond to market changes that affect you.

We make complex applications work, where others fail, with unique patent protected solutions. Especially in harsh surroundings and with hard to measure products, Fluidwell will meet your technical requirements. Our customers just know: “You’ve got to have a Fluidwell”.

Fluidwell’s activities are aimed at the sales, development, production and service of electronic measurement systems for liquids and gases in industrial, hazardous and/or safe area applications. The assortment includes a certified wide range of flow computers, indicators, totalizers, transmitters, monitors and controllers.

Fluidwell instrumentation applications

Our products are mainly used in the oil, gas, (petro) chemical and food industry, where we provide solutions for liquid and gas flow applications, level, pressure and temperature measurement, (waste) water treatment and marine applications.

Fluidwell bv
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