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indurad offers 1D, 2D and 3D radar solutions for mining and bulk material operations. The robust and reliable technology is used in different products and solutions from pit to port:

For an overview of all solutions please consult the indurad webpage: www.indurad.com

Our Base: Robust Radar Technology

All sensors are made in Germany, as well as software development and engineering solutions. The indurad homebase is Aachen, Germany, right in the middle of Europe, past and present.

Hardware: Solid State Radars

Our key element are high performane radar moduls, robust means resistant to difficult environmental circumstances, e.g. vibration, shock, weather.


Software: Reliable Operator Interfaces

The indurad application software is robust, reliable, fast and scalable, designed for real-time applications. Our software engineers invest all their know-how, passion and energy in adapting indurad solutions to the individual needs of our customers.

Engineering: Individual Solutions

But not only our software engineers create the success of our solutions. Start-up engineers, sales experts and project manager work hand in hand to meet the particular demands of our business partners.


From Pit to Port From Port to Plant

indurad has branches all over the world and a closed costumer distribution and service network.

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collision avoidance, positioning, and online volumetric scanning for mining
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