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Manufacturer of ultra-high precision dry products filling and dosing equipment for processing or packaging applications.

Kinematics & Controls Corporation

Automatic and Semi-Automatic filling machines for coarse and fine powders, and for free-flowing liquids. Simple, low-cost filling solutions for laboratories and/or small-scale production environments.

All Kinematics’ powder fillers are Volumetric fillers. The Filling Guns used with the Model 4400/VC, and the Shuttle Disk which is part of the Model 4400/TX are both just convenient volumetric chambers used to measure and dispense the dry product. A vacuum action upon pick-up fills the chamber with product, compacting it at an even density against an adjustable porous piston. Replacing the vacuum with a slight positive pressure displaces the precisely measured powder charge. Because the vacuum compacts the product at a controlled density, the weight of each fill is also closely controlled.

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